(Spanish league rules)


Each match will be divided to 4 periods of 10 minutes. (Stopped time-Spanish league rules)


Each coach will be able to ask 3 time outs during all match- 1 in the first 2 periods and 2 in the rest of the match


Half time rest will be only 3 minutes


For granting a high competition level, participation is only open for teams that are register in the basketball federation in their respective countries


Start of the tournament: Friday June 21st at 14:00
End of tournament: Sunday June 23th at 20:00. All teams are invited for the final party at the end of tournament



Referees: All games will be led by 1 or 2 official referees. All tournament referees are part of local Basketball Federation




Champions Cup for the winners of each category

“MVP Awards” for each category

“Best Defense player” for each category