Considered one of the most important tournaments worldwide

Euro Youth Basketball Cup is one of the most prestigious basketball tournaments, where a large number of players from all over the world gather to play countless games with their teams.
Considered one of the most important tournaments, it offers the possibility of living an unforgettable experience, combining basketball with activities and tourism offered by a big city like Barcelona. Euro Youth Basketball Cup is organized for 3 days, where athletes from different countries and cultures will live and share experiences.
Euro Youth Basketball Cup you can enjoy a wide variety of sports and leisure activities, both for participants and family and companions, so they can fully enjoy the tournament.

Ciutat Esportiva Blanes

Carrer Mas Cuní, 43 (17300 Blanes, Girona)
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The Ciutat Esportiva Blanes is a municipal installation of the first level at a sports level, strategically located, since it is located on the Costa Brava portal, and versatile, with spaces that allow you to design and produce all kinds of events.

The sporting pavilion is the most important part of the CEB, and it is considered within the sports circuit as one of the most innovative and important in the whole State, with 7,000 m2 of sports surface and 6 regulatory tracks in use at the same time. The 40,000 m2 building has 4 floors, one of them below the level of the street where the parking lot is located for 360 vehicles.

Pole sports court x4 (4 tracks)
Dressing rooms: 12 changing rooms for players and 4 changing rooms for referees
Sports Scoreboard: 4 Sports Electronic Scoreboards located on the 4 cross-country tracks
Capacity grades: 1,300 spectators
Track capacity: 13,140 people

Sports court (1 track)
Dressing rooms: 4 changing rooms for players and 3 changing rooms for referees
Sports Scoreboard: Sports 4-sided sports scoreboard
Capacity grades: 1,732 spectators

Sports court (1 track)
Dressing rooms: 6 changing rooms for players and 4 changing rooms for referees
Sports score: 1 Sports electronic scoreboard
Capacity grades: 270 spectators


Euro Youth Basketball Cup and ruled by FIBA, FEB – Spanish Basketball Federation and FCB – Catalan Basketball Federation rules.

Each match will be divided to 4 periods of 10 minutes. (Stopped time-Spanish league rules)

Each coach will be able to ask 3 time outs during all match- 1 in the first 2 periods and 2 in the rest of the match

Half time rest will be only 3 minutes

For granting a high competition level, participation is only open for teams that are register in the basketball federation in their respective countries

Start of the tournament: Friday August 28 at 14:00

End of tournament: Sunday August 30 at 20:00. All teams are invited for the final ceremony at the end of tournament


All games will be led by 1 or 2 official referees.

All tournament referees are part of local Basketball Federation


Champions Cup for the winners of each category

“MVP Awards” for each category

“Best Defense player” for each category